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I am:
Single lesbian 
Seeking a:
Single gay 
Marriage of Convenience (MOC) 
Search status:
Haven't found MOC partner yet, but actively looking 
Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
Body type:
158 lbs (71.5 kg) 
Political views:
Employment status:
Artistic / Musical / Writer 
Sense of humor:
Goofy, Clever / Quick witted, Friendly 
Playing sports, Television, Gaming, Computers / Internet, Travel, Reading, Photography, Listening to music, Movies, Dancing, Arts 
TV watching:
Movies, Sitcoms 
Describe yourself:
Hi, I'm a Hindu. 31, from south India. Im a creative person in the animation field recently venturing into writing as well. I'm career oriented and will definitely work. I love to travel and explore the World, different culture, different people, variet
Why do you look for MOC?:

I'm looking for this MOC because of parental pressure.

Describe your 'ideal' partner:

I'm looking for someone in UK/US, a cool guy to be my friend in this MOC. We could be the life of the party when it comes to it and also being a cover up for our families. I can support you as a good friend.

Describe your ideal 'MOC':

I think it would be better if we stayed away from parents so that we could life our lives without complications. I rather not have kids. But if you are in need of one, we could talk about it regarding our preferences in it.

I'm open to separate living arrangements as well, depending on the jobs we land on and also our love interests. I would like to date someone out there and I would encourage the same to do in my MOC partner. If you are already with someone, coooolll ! :)

Best friend forever, Social cover-up 
How urgent?:
In few months time 
MOC length:
If possible, lifetime 
Have sex?:
No, will never 
Want kids?:
Willing to relocate?:
Have you come out (of the closet)? Why?:

Nope. Because my parents are not the understanding type. They care too much about what the society thinks more than their own kids happiness and honesty. I can't blame them completely but don't have the time and nack' to change them either. Pressure is getting built up day by day. Even if I do they might do something to themselves and that will ruin the rest of my life with guilt.

But I will openly support my kid no matter what and fight against the World for him/her (in case of me having a kid).

Have you come to terms with your homosexuality? Why?:

After almost a decade of searching for my match, I have spoken to at least half a century of guys and keep excusing myself that I haven't found the right guy yet. But recent few years, I've come to terms with it as the ultimate solution that works fine for my symptoms is "I'm gay, thats who I'm. So let me deal with it and definitely don't ruin another guy's life because of this stupid society." Gay or Straight everyone needs to be loved the way they want them to be, at least to the basic marginal level, not asexually :)

I'm glad that I exist in the timeline that these options of website dedicated to people us exist. Thank you for that.

In your opinion, what makes people gay/lesbian?:

Its who we are. Can't close the eyes and pretend the sun is not there :)

What about you? What makes you gay/lesbian?:

What makes anyone a straight person? The same reason. Its all about the connections and how we feel in this amazing biological system of ours.

Do you think, homosexuality can be 'cured' & 'repaired'?:

Do you think Straight people can be cured or repaired ? :)

If yes, should we cure/repair it?:

okie then . Lets start with the straight ones :) Then we have more to date...lol.

Despite your homosexuality, are you a happy person? Why do you say so?:

I'm great. I love the way I feel about myself and grateful for it. I have amazing love and great people in my life who became my core inspiration. I'm thankful.

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