New profile/search fields

Dear all members,
We received requests from existing/potential members to add on additional fields in their profile & search fields to fit in their actual sexual category & latest search status.

Therefore, we have added on the below fields :

1) Sexuality categories :

Single gay
Single lesbian
Single bisexual
Single heterosexual
Single asexual
Gay couple
Lesbian couple
Bisexual couple
Heterosexual couple
Asexual couple

2) Searching purpose(s) :

For :

Marriage of Convenience (MOC)
Other reason(s)

3) Search status :

Haven't found MOC partner yet - but actively looking
Haven't found MOC partner yet - but not actively looking for now
Found MOC partner - will get married soon
Found MOC partner - happily married, but still open for friendship
Found MOC partner - happily married, may not be active here anymore
Am not here for MOC, but other reason(s)

Kindly update the above fields in your profile, so that you & other members can find each other easier.

Do let us know, if your category has been left out.

All the best in your quest! :)